Shocking discovery about daily consumption of coconut oil for weight loss and reduced blood sugar…

Dr. Eveangel Savage, Ph.D.

My curiosity  takes me on a journey to discover new healthy and enjoyable weight loss methods that I can implement daily.

In pursuit of my curiosity today…  I heard many wonderful things about the benefits of coconut oil.  I use coconut on my hair after washing and seal it with a leave in conditioner.  I literally do nothing to my hair except use my fingers to detangle the hair as I wash to remove build up and normal hair loss.  There are many organic facts about the benefits of coconut oil.

I have been actively improving my health and weight loss through daily exercise and dietary changes.  This journey has turned my lens to the benefits of coconut oil.  At 55 my body just does not process insulin like it did in my youthful days. While there are many blogs and commentary discussing the benefits of coconut oil, I rely on  relevant research studies because I actually understand the scientific method that have been used and how to measure the validity of the methods. So here is what I found out about the benefits of coconut oil…  

Aside from the amazing results with my natural hair, the benefits of coconut oil include:  skin care, weight loss, treating yeast infection, improved digestive and immune health, Coconut oil is creating wonders and gaining popularity around the world.  

For those living in tropical countries, daily consumption of coconut is normal.  Until recently, the benefits of coconut oil on human health had not been studied.  In a comparison study, Vijayakumar et al., (2018) studied the effects of saturated fatty acid and fiber versus monounsaturated fatty acid from groundnut oil and groundnuts on insulin, glucose, and human measurements.  Using a random sample of healthy volunteers in two groups, one with standard diet along with 100 g of fresh coconut or an equivalent amount of ground nut oil for a 90-days.

After the supplement period, insulin, glucose, blood pressure, and human body measurements were made.  According to Vijayakumar et al., (2018), the benefits of coconut for weight loss were significant in the coconut group.  There was significant reduction in the fasting blood sugar for both groups and finally, a significant increase in diastolic pressure for the groundnut group.  The benefits of coconut saturated oil is proven to reduce blood glucose levels and body weight in normal healthy individuals!!!


Keywords: blood glucose level; body weight; coconut; groundnut; insulin

Source:   Vijayakumar, V., Shankar, N., Mavathur, R., Mooventhan, A., Anju, S., & Manjunath (2018). Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Published Online: 2018-02-20 | DOI:

Disclosure:  Dr. Savage is a PhD of Human Services, not a medical doctor.  Please be sure to seek advise from your medical doctor if you have concerns.  Relevant benefits of coconut oil are reported from the scientific research listed above.



1 Satin alternative to those aging wrinkles you get while you sleep

1 Satin alternative for your beautiful tresses.  Did you know that thicker fabrics can cause premature aging and moisture loss.  Yes, cotton fabrics can led to deep wrinkles over time.  The next time you lay on those cotton sheets, check out how your skin wrinkles with the sheets as you lay.  Satin is smooth and kind to the skin while you lay sleeping at night because it does not wrinkle–its smooth.  Satin does not cling to the skin and hair and you no longer have to wake-up with folded red facial wrinkles in the morning.

To all the naturalistas in the world these pillowcases are perfect to reduce the frizz. Not only does satin pillowcases have amazing benefits, the sheets are equally amazing.   Do yourself a favor and monitor how cotton treats your body after a nights sleep.  I my prediction serves me correctly, then, you will have imprints and wrinkled skin when you wake.  So swap the cotton for the satin for less skin irritation and non frizzy hair.  Spare your blowout or style longetivity.


Disclosure:  I am not a medical doctor.  The information contained in this blog are based on my experience using satin vs cotton.




After belting into that car…he was traumatized Dr. Eveangel Savage

Yesterday, I met a young man who was in a car wreck.  He was so shaken by it that you could visibly see his panic.  The wreck was not his fault.  What he understood though, at 60mph belting into a car that pulled out in front of him, is that fatality was a possibility.  He was traumatized.  He said, “I am afraid to get into a car again.”  Trauma affects us all.

I sympathized with him.  I, too, had been in a similar situation before and was not sure if the person would live or die.  I, stopped dead in my tracks to pray for him, asking the father to be his calm and to give him a peace that would surpass his own understanding.  My father once told me that even if it hurts, get back up and try it again.  I shared with him the way to defeat that trauma head-on is to Continue reading

Can iHealth self-monitoring equipment help with blood pressure treatment at home? Dr. Eveangel Savage

Trade that blood pressure cuff for a self-monitoring blood pressure app you can use on your smartphone help you monitor and maintain a normal blood pressure.  Where were these great mobile apps when I was back and forth to the hospital with my awesome dad who suffered from hypertension, deep vein thrombosis, strokes, and other chronic illness.

During his last days were trying to maintain a normal blood pressure. Surely, what became normal was a trip to the hospital every other day.  Before long he became a walking pharmacist.  One day a Continue reading

Myths or Not About Infant Boys…

There are many myths associated with infant boys.  Are they myths?  Dr. Savage, a mother who raised two boys to men provides her perspective on ten things moms should know about infant boys that were listed in Parent Magazine.

  • The article mentions that historically pink was the masculine color used by marketers to target boys til 1930s.  I believe that boys who are comfortable in their masculinity are not defined by the color pink.  In fact, the color, pink was flattering on both my boys to men who chose at one point in their adult lives to wear pink.  One wearing an awesome pink sweater and I wish I could find it now, it looked so good on him.  And, my youngest, chose white and pink for the prom.
  • Boys and Girls Look the Same, at First – I agree.  Having had four children, two boys, and two girls, I couldn’t tell the difference through imaging.  Today, we have 3-D imaging and that does not reveal much more about gender.  You can get some idea of potential parental favoring I believe.

  • Medical physiology tells us that both boys and girls parts are similar til about the 7th week when little boys testosterone kicks in and budding of his male genitalia become enhanced.
  • Some parents worry at the first sign of breasts in their infant boys.  This has been a worry of many mommies, but not to worry, Think about it this way You are a coffee drinker who is accustomed to your adrenaline awakening by the morning cup of coffee.  If you go without it for a few days you develop a headache, right?  Eventually, the headache goes away.  Much the same way, newborns are used to the environment of estrogen.  When they are born, a male goes through the withdrawal of that estrogen that influenced breast growth.  Shortly, the body adapts to the lack of estrogen and his testosterone takes over.  Does that make sense?


  • Erections Are Normal –  How many of you have heard of that golden shower during the diaper change.  We have all experienced it.  Erections are normal even in utero.  Those little bladders are full and ready to be released influencing the erection.  Be sure to cover him until you are ready to slip on the diaper or he will surely get you every time.
  • Circumcision Rates Are Dropping -How many new moms are now paying for circumcision?  When I had my boys, I did not understand that circumcision was either for aesthetics or custom to religious belief or I would have never.  My grandma always said when men are not circumcised, women tend to have more infections.  We can really get this twisted.  Make sure you research before making any decisions about your infant.
  • Boys Are Bigger At Birth


  • Boys Like Crowds
  • Boys Are Busier
  • Boys Are Daredevils