1 Satin alternative to those aging wrinkles you get while you sleep

1 Satin alternative for your beautiful tresses.  Did you know that thicker fabrics can cause premature aging and moisture loss.  Yes, cotton fabrics can led to deep wrinkles over time.  The next time you lay on those cotton sheets, check out how your skin wrinkles with the sheets as you lay.  Satin is smooth and kind to the skin while you lay sleeping at night because it does not wrinkle–its smooth.  Satin does not cling to the skin and hair and you no longer have to wake-up with folded red facial wrinkles in the morning.

To all the naturalistas in the world these pillowcases are perfect to reduce the frizz. Not only does satin pillowcases have amazing benefits, the sheets are equally amazing.   Do yourself a favor and monitor how cotton treats your body after a nights sleep.  I my prediction serves me correctly, then, you will have imprints and wrinkled skin when you wake.  So swap the cotton for the satin for less skin irritation and non frizzy hair.  Spare your blowout or style longetivity.


Disclosure:  I am not a medical doctor.  The information contained in this blog are based on my experience using satin vs cotton.




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