Why are you letting your graduate work collect dust?

Have you considered the thousands of dollars and long intense hours it took you to achieve your professional credentials?  After receiving my Ph.D., I realized the only way to shift the paradigm I had to own my stage.  I was super tired of the long hours; a culture that did not fit who I had become; missed family events; and rising costs of living.  The one thing you cannot get back is time invested on a job.  You can have the courage to believe and achieve your greatness by advancing your career or beginning a professional entrepreneur journey.


Hello, I am Dr. Eveangel Savage.  I am your evidence based mobile social support coach.  I teach, speak, write and share expert advice to individuals around the world.  I am using my research to
empower others around the world to maximize their service delivery through a mobile supportive environment.  It is important not to let your education lose its shelf life in a library only to be found when someone selects the right keyword and finds YOU.  We are at a pivotal point in the world where millions are clapping back and mobilizing others for a change. Social entrepreneurs, YOU have a platform from which you can holler.

Why do you let your work sit on the shelf?

Your work is worth more than a citation.  You can further your accomplishments with your work no matter your area of concentration.  You have spent thousands of dollars in education to be the authority behind what you do.  Being selective about inquiry has helped me to champion my greatness and be the change I wish to see in the world.   It was scary at first, but I do not regret the JUMP party.  I am now living my dream as an International Speaker, Instructor, Author, & Global Business Builder.   I now use my education and work throughout the years to do business as a serial entrepreneur, yes, I said “serial”.  If you are creative you may have several businesses for several streams of income.

Are you satisfied with your career development? 

No matter your educational background, the world needs your information. YOU are worth more than the glass ceiling of the “XXXXXXX dream.”  If you are making ALL the money you would like to make, then this message is not for you.  If you are comfortable with your future and the future of your children, and your children’s children, then this message is not for you.  However, if YOU have reached the man-made glass ceiling in your career, I encourage you to consider how you can grow right where you are by influencing with what you know and are able to teach.

Did you know that you can improve your career path by developing a stage that allows you to move toward financial freedom?

YOU have a wealth of knowledge and someone in the WORLD needs YOU.  Hence, the word “WORLD.”  We often limit what we are able to teach by the borders in which we live.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can expand upon your dreams to leave a LEGACY for your family, visit linktr.ee/iamtheevidencecoach and get a FREE consult.  Live the true AMERICAN Dream and own your stage.

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Empower with,

“Remove the glass ceiling and influence with what you know and are able to teach”

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13 thoughts on “Why are you letting your graduate work collect dust?

  1. Wow!
    Love this post Dr. Eve!
    It is very true that “no matter your educational background, the world needs your information”
    Go make a difference!

    Great info!

  2. Thank you Dr. Eve, before reading your article my think was bordered. You have empowered me to start thinking about my knowledge base and ways to make it profitable without borders. I value you.

    • Hi, Joycelynn. Thank you for your post. We are more than the glass ceiling. We are empowered to empower nations when we choose to celebrate our greatness. Thank you for your kind words. When we take the baby steps to strategically align ourselves for the YES that is on the way, we are prepared to step into our greatness. Blessing to you. Stay in Tune with your greatness. #wcst #sistertribe #iammorethantheglassceiling #iamtheevidence

  3. The biggest challenge we face as scholars is learning to turn knowledge into practical application. Your blog takes it a step further in encouraging us to turn application into income streams that fund our lives for generational impact. I love it!

    • Hello, Ramona Jones and thank you for your post. It is difficult to wrap our minds around the greatest gift of all. We are able to influence nations and I am committed to the cause. Join me and millions of others who are taking our leadership around the world. #wcst #sistertribe #worldchangers #iammorethantheglassceiling #iamtheevidence

  4. Thank you for writing this encouragement. Basically in a nutshell, you are saying SHATTER THAT GLASS CEILING AND GO ON INTO YOUR GREATNESS!
    Yes, i am MORE THAN the man made glass ceiling! Good writing Dr. E!

  5. Great blog Dr E! Love that you are addressing this question. Great topic to discuss. Yes use our knowledge and don’t let it sit on the shelf. So true

    • Thank you Andrea for your genuineness. I hope to help others to realize the greatness of their investment in education. The process has been utterly amazing to connect with the educators, students, and scholars in the industry. I now realize the wait was worth the investment. #wcst #sistertrbe #worldchangersistertribe #iamtheevidence #iamorethantheglassceiling #theglassceiling

  6. What a motivational piece Dr. E! It opens the mindset to unlimited potential regardless of your educational status or life circumstances – YOU determine the outcome.

    • Thank you, Linda Lee. It is my hope to encourage others to come forward and walk and the way will be made. HE knew us before we were in our mother’s wound. HE knows the thoughts that HE has towards us and that is too prosperous us and bring us into that expected end.

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