After belting into that car…he was traumatized Dr. Eveangel Savage

Yesterday, I met a young man who was in a car wreck.  He was so shaken by it that you could visibly see his panic.  The wreck was not his fault.  What he understood though, at 60mph belting into a car that pulled out in front of him, is that fatality was a possibility.  He was traumatized.  He said, “I am afraid to get into a car again.”  Trauma affects us all.

I sympathized with him.  I, too, had been in a similar situation before and was not sure if the person would live or die.  I, stopped dead in my tracks to pray for him, asking the father to be his calm and to give him a peace that would surpass his own understanding.  My father once told me that even if it hurts, get back up and try it again.  I shared with him the way to defeat that trauma head-on is to Continue reading