Art of Entrepreneurship


It was truly an honor and privilege to share the stage with Dr. Alex Ellis, sharing words of wisdom on image and entrepreneurship for the 5th Annual Minority Male Summit, Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church. Audacity joins the discussion with the amazing Dr. Alex Ellis of “Tied to Greatness”, who is transforming the lives of young African American males, one image at a time. The award winning author, speaker, activist, and connoisseur of style is inspiring lives through his inspirational message of building a positive image from the inside out.


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2 thoughts on “Art of Entrepreneurship

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    • Thank you, William. You are correct. We are in a unique position to close the gap to serve and communicate with nations. Nurturing our guests is the key to persuasion and/or conversion to our services. It is no longer acceptable to sell, but we must nurture. I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share on my blog. How did you find us?
      ~Dr. Eve.

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