Can iHealth self-monitoring equipment help with blood pressure treatment at home? Dr. Eveangel Savage

Trade that blood pressure cuff for a self-monitoring blood pressure app you can use on your smartphone help you monitor and maintain a normal blood pressure.  Where were these great mobile apps when I was back and forth to the hospital with my awesome dad who suffered from hypertension, deep vein thrombosis, strokes, and other chronic illness.

During his last days were trying to maintain a normal blood pressure. Surely, what became normal was a trip to the hospital every other day.  Before long he became a walking pharmacist.  One day a Continue reading

What data does your phone collect about you?

New York times has reported that there is mobile app software that is now being used to collect TV data for advertisers.

I was reading the other day, one of my Facebook friends posted that he bought a Bud light and before he could get out of the store, a Bud light advertisement popped up on his phone.  Is it possible that someone is watching you?  This social response to our behavior is causing a hysteria for some.

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