Dr. Eveangel Savage reviews “Gratefully Growing” by Nkechi Ajaeroh

“Gratefully Growing” authored by Nkechi Ajaeroh takes the reader on a journey with a positive school of thought about life. Her compelling stories teach the reader how to see the glass half full instead of half empty no matter the pivotal points in life that shape us all. As a research writer and reviewer, I must admit, Ajaeroh’s work is the epitome of writing excellence.

A process of Association…

Ajaeroh’s writings reminded me of milestones in my life where I could see the relevant application of positive thought as a mom, leader, instructor, wife, and business owner. All of these milestones influenced my growth. For example, the Bible says, “God knows the thoughts that he has towards you…to see you to an expected end, (Jeremiah 29:11).” She removed the barriers of using research to support her stories by strategically aligning her stories with the wisdom of great others and biblical reference.

The wisdom in “Gratefully Growing…,” has created a stellar teaching tool across domains (parenting, education, leadership, motivational speaking and clinical work) to remove barriers associated with pessimistic views. Ajaeroh demonstrates the importance of adding the value of research to support your work.


The Evidence…

Sin & Lyubomirsky (2009), conducted a meta-analysis with 4,266 individuals and report that positive psychology intervention (PPIs) significantly enhance well-being. Not only does positive psychology interventions work, they work well. Those who encountered depressive symptoms benefited through the development of coping while attending to, appreciating and attaining the positives of life.   Research mentions enjoyable activities, using strengths in new ways, the replay of positive experiences, and self-monitoring of well-being, all boost happiness and alleviate negative thought. Subsequently, positive psychology is recommended.



“Gratefully Growing…,” is an informative read that is perfect for a shared empowerment experience. Ajaeroh’s writing joins the self-help and motivational literary genre with other thought leaders who guide the process of thinking through reading. “Gratefully Growing…” can be purchased at amazon.com.




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