Girls Trip in New Orleans

Back together again… Jada Pinkett Smith & Queen Latifah in, Girls Tripfilmed in City New Orleans .”

Did you know “Girls Trip” was filmed in New Orleans (NOLA)? Yes, NOLA. NOLA is supercalifragilistic!!!!! Nola is a home away from home for three generations of Savage ladies, home to the Essence Fest, and a girls trip to the stars. It is my REGAL escape if only for some shuga (lol) from my baby girl.

Where was that Essence trailer to advise me on how to pack? They got it just right, no need for the extra stuff, you will not get to wear it all, you just end up paying for extra baggage. Take cash or credit card—I suggest the worldwide travel card that you can use anywhere in the world. Definitely, bring a backup credit card. I lost one and had to have it replaced. For the great times surely bring some comfort wear for the festival and yes, maxi-dresses are a plus, especially if you love to eat. Make sure you have that hair right because life in NOLA is fast.

No matter the composition of your “Girls Trip,” some things remain constant. NOLA is the essence of multiculturalism combined with a flare of people from everywhere, food, history, and entertainment. It is home to the born musicians of the second line who take over the streets in a moment’s notice. The second line brings joyful camaraderie to bystanders who join in for fancy feet and dance to the beat of the second line.

The air is filled with tantalizing aromas of New Orleans style cooking everywhere. Stop by famous NEO’S, where you can get some of the best carrot souffle’ on the planet. Oh, and let me not forget those grill fired oysters on a half shell soaked in buttery garlic sauce that make you request a second round of bread to clean those shells.

Wrap your night with a horse drawn buggy, walk on the river, a bit of Bourbon street entertainment, or a Creole Queen Cruise. Remember, NOLA keeps you coming back.  Travel is a great form of self-care in this fast paced world.  Take some time to recalibrate and gain momentum for impact.

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