Resolve conflict in a positive way…

After 30 years in the workforce and working for major corporations and healthcare we must talk about culture.  There is the culture in workforce and culture in entrepreneurship.  It is vital for you not to get derailed by cultures and resolve conflict in an important way


Create and maintain a bond even when there is an adversary.  People are people full of emotions and ways of doing things and they do not know they are being used.  So, how do you maintain the bond–model the behavior that you expect from others.  You may to continuously diffuse behaviors but you are a leader and others will be looking at you for the answer of what to do next.  Be humble and assure that you are respected.  Do not let people back you into a wall where you are viewed as the culprit, otherwise the bad person.  Do the right thing whether someone is looking or not.  Separate the person from the problem and avoid negative responses.

Establish a dialogue with your constituents and keep the conversation relevant.  Stay focused and seek positive outcomes by keeping your mind on the goal and avoid aggression.  Engage, bargain, and be productive.

Discuss your truth without aggression.  If you are faced with an uncomfortable situation that harms you and others?  Someone has to be willing to present clean dialogue in a way that begins the dialogue for others to participate so there is a conversation.    I know that you are wonderful and there are positive ways for us to come to a solution.

Get to the root of the disagreement.  Differences occur with people mostly because of perception. Ten people can receive a piece of information and each person will have a different view.  Effective communication can be problematic.  Have the courage to share how the information is affecting you.

Reciprocity is a concept that is often confused.

Social awareness.  Sometimes you may have to concede to a thing in order to propel yourself forward.  Do not waste energy on things that tear your spirit down.

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