“Dr. Savage’s presentation  of the Art of Oratory was informative and interactive.  She was able to reach all who were in attendance which included young children and adults.” — Yolanda Henderson, Execute the Arts

“You are highly informed about various facets of business, and I really enjoyed our conversation.”  Lee Dill, Leed Research

“Dr. Eveangel Savage is a well around mentor that supports and helps a variety of clients with different backgrounds. Her commitment and dedication to her work and others are outstanding. The services she provides along with her innovation of a mobile app only speaks half of what knowledge and skills she brings to the table. She is full of knowledge and a great person to work with.”  Wendy Wiley Alexander, MBA Inspiring Decisions LLC

“Thank you for your positive thinking and assisting myself to be all I can be. It has been with the good Lord’s assistance to have led me back home and showed me how to reconnect with you and your terrific service.” – Marlene AJ Hedrick

“Dr. Savage is an amazing woman with a lot of experience in numerous areas. Most importantly she is a superior WOG which I love and admire. She is deliberate and hard working plus very sincere it is my honor to write this review and my pleasure in meeting you. If you haven’t joined her classes please do it is worth it and she is very knowledgeable in what she does”.  ~Ika Monttoya Joy

“What I love about Audacity Leadership is that you get that one on one coaching individually in how to grow in your own personal business. Each coaching style is tailored to your specific needs  ~Dana Priyanka, Author, A Taste of Indian Cuisine

“The coaching guidance I have received from Dr. Eveangel Savage has confirmed the possibilities and limitless options I can use my GOD given gifts, talents, and professional skill sets to own my stage”.  ~Ronita Boullt, Caring with Compassion 

“In Audacity Leadership Institute Int’l you will receive great coaching to propel you in your business supported by great research that will help you get targeted results. I recommend it for aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs“. ~Andrea Ellis,

 “Coaching with Audacity has helped me to map and identify additional financial arms to deliver my passion of fitness, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle maintenance.  Her coaching style helped my business to progress with great ideas for implementation.”  Metissa Wooten, CEO, Wooten Fitnezz.
“The work and research that Dr. Eve has done for my business have set it above the rest. Being a business owner is a lot of work and to have someone like Dr. Eve working to make you great is a blessing.” ~Deborah Ervin

“This community doesn’t just makes claims but backs them up with the Evidence. I know what the research says validates the information. Dr. Eve is passionate, knowledgeable and informed when it comes to the evidence”. ~Sara Holland

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