My oxtails were better than yours… by Dr Eveangel Savage

I had been dying to go to Montego Bay. Let me tell you something…where I am from they be serving some oxtails.  The service was AMAZING! I went just in time…ugh…”FRESH OXTAILS”. This place is clean, serene, and the service was beautiful from the time I entered the building until the time I left the building.

I have never heard of this, but while I was in waiting for my order, a beautiful young lady approached me to offer me fresh fruit—for FREE. Who does that? She fancied me with some fresh fruit to take home.


I have never been to a place where I left so marveled. Whoever you are Montego Bay, staff, and company, you are AMAZING. The place is clean, the staff so accommodating and this FOOD-about to chop it up:)


P.S. I usually do not drink tea (a southern favorite), because it pulls the iron from the body. However, while I was waiting for my food, there sitting on the counter in front of me, two fresh carafes that drew me in with the condensation on a warm, summer night. One carafe held cold, ice water and the other a carafe of tea.

Me: “May, I have some please?”
Her: “Of course, did you think I would tell you, no”

I had a nice tea while waiting, left with a meal for a KING, and fresh fruit. I pulled to the side of the road. Thank you, Montego Bay for great food and customer service. Keep up the great work and may GOD continue to bless the works of your hands. I have a meeting with some good ole oxtails. Where are you from?