Welcome to our media page! Here you will find video clips and audio files of different aspects of my business affiliations (media coverage, speaking presentations, promotional clips, interviews, and more.  For those interested in learning more about us, we offer this material as a way to acquaint you with our work and help you along your journey. Our President has been featured in the Substantial Magazine, East Carolinian, Boss Magazine, Authors on The Rise, and Billingslea Media, Reign Incorporated  to name a few.   As a National Interviewer, Dr. Savage has interviewed experts across many disciplines. Thank you for your interest in booking Dr. Eveangel Savage for your next event.  Size is not a factor to this champion  “Predict Your Future By Creating It” Dr. Savage has a unique gift of adding value to audiences no matter the age.  Join the ranks of others who have been educated, engaged, and empowered by her words.  Dr. Eveangel Savage has received far-reaching exposure because of her visibility in internet communities and her desire to share noteworthy information with the world on a local, national, and international level.  Check out press clips, video, and talks in communities across the world.


Impacting Lives As a Social Entrepreneur

We Shall Move Forward With Joyz Journey

5th Annual Minority Male Summit

Greenville Organization hosts Mock Shark Tank Event

Authors on the Rise

Audacity Speaks – Execute the Arts



 Schedule a call or consult about your business idea and or special project your start up or ideas for growth research needs courses and other services.  Email if you have a question that does not require a consult.
Speaking empowers others to address the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of the societal effects on life to overcome and add value and financial wealth to life wherever you are.  I have enjoyed speaking at the local, state, and global levels and welcome the opportunity to address you audience. “Dr. Savage’s presentation of the Art of Oratory was informative and interactive.  She was able to reach all who were in attendance which included young children and adults.” — Yolanda Henderson
Dr. Savage specializes in social program implementation to help others to identify the gaps in service, develop strategies to devise scalable programs with goals and objectives that align with their mission, vision, and values. “You are highly informed about various facets of business, and I really enjoyed our conversation.”  Lee Dill, Leed Research
Coaching through systems that help individuals to identify, initiate. and implement their respective ideas for residual income that allows fulfillment and affirmation of value.  I have enjoyed 30 years of mentoring others with positive energy utilizing skills in a way that encourages leadership and innovative practice through mobile social support.    “You’re an amazing host and a natural at asking the right questions.” –Erica Gordon
Mobile Social Support Group
Special premium do it for me premium services  Dr. Savage has packaged her intellectual property earned over 30-years into an incredible offering for businesses that need direct support.  This support is made affordable to entrepreneurs through 1/5th the cost of premium rates in a cohort shared community to assure the entrepreneur gets exactly what he or she needs complete.  Nowhere in the world will entrepreneurs ever have such an experience.


My conversations/talks reinforce our ability to remove the glass ceiling to be the best version of ourselves. My avatar Sharon helps me to tell the story of choosing marriage before education, my newborn over employment, homeschool vs traditional public school, alongside the dilemma of returning to work as a late bloomer.

Sharon has spent her life rearing a family, blue collar work, community service, mentoring, and leadership, yet she was faced with the lack of progression because of societal norms.  Sharon loves life, reading, writing, teaching and being a servant to others.  She serves with a spirit of multiculturalism, helping the world to overcome barriers associated with societal norms. Something as simple as a learning disability could have hampered her progression.

She teaches all walks of life the stories of great people who have triumphed over societal norms as she shares stories of owning your truth trading resiliency to be the best version of YOU.

Dr. Savage is a Global Research Consultant, passionately known as the evidence-based mobile social support coach. She trains service leaders how to transition their leadership initiatives to global systems of care and integrate research as the sole source of content development.

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