Wha…what? I can get vegetables without eating them?

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A casual interview with Nery Rodriguez.  Welcome, Nery.  Nery is a stay at home mom and member of the “I am the Evidence Coaching Community” on Facebook.  She is sharing her entrepreneur and stay at home mom and how the changes of have affected her life.

We are excited to have Nery and her beautiful girls.  You may see the girls pop in and out, but that is what this is all about.  Children are at the forefront of every day for stay-at-home moms.

We share the reality of our entrepreneurs.  Thank you again for coming.

How has entrepreneurship affected your life?

Being an entrepreneur and mom is a full-time job.  I have two full-time jobs as you can see and I absolutely love it.   If I had a choice of working full time and working for myself, I would rather work for myself.  There are definitely challenges along the way, especially if you are a new mom starting a new business.  You may not get the support that you believe, but you cannot allow it to deter you from your dream.  You have to keep moving forward for your children.

What ignited the spark for you to start this business?

I have done several businesses and JuicePlus really stole my heart.  Juice plus is all about health and wellness.  It ignited something inside of me.  If you would have told me five years ago that I would be a health and wellness coach trying to help other families live healthily, I would have said “your crazy.”   Here I am today.  I love my business…making my own hours, spending time with my children and sharing my passion.

What came first, Juice Plus or fitness?

It was the fitness.

Let’s talk about that…

I have always been overweight.  So, I started Zumba.  I reached nearly 300 lbs (296) and knew I needed to get serious about my health and I began attending my mom’s classes 3 times a week and eating healthier.  Then, I gradually changed my portion sizes and ultimately began watching what I was putting in my mouth.  Little changes happened along the way and birthed this beautiful business that I have today.


I have heard so much about Juice Plus.  Please share the concept and how it is chaining the lives of those you touch.

Juice Plus is fruits and vegetables made simple.  We are exposed to toxins all over the world–its everywhere we are.  Everywhere you turn there is an illness.  Juice Plus is a convenient way of getting the supplements in our body to bridge the gap in our diet.

I always frown when I hear others say they don’t eat vegetables.  Really?  Who lives without eating vegetables.  People actually do not eat vegetables.

It was me… I am Puerto Rican, we eat tons of rice and tons of port and there were no…  We didn’t have vegetables here.  We love fruits, cause there sweet.

Is that traditional for your ethnicity?

I haven’t seen a lot of vegetables on a plate, especially in my house.

How does Juice Plus supplement the lack of vegetables and fruits?

A lot of times people hear about Juice Plus and think juicing — it is not.    It is not a juice that you drink. There is an advanced technology that is able to secrete the antioxidants and phytonutrients out of the vegetables and fruits.

Imagine taking 30 different fruits and vegetables and blending. You are left with the liquid form.  If you remove the sugar and fiber, you will be left with the powder form of antioxidants and phytonutrients –all the things our body needs to stay healthy.  That is where JuicePlus comes in,   I am definitely a firm believer.

Is this a multi-level marketing concept?

Yes, it is an MLM.

What are the top three skills that someone would need to be successful in this business?

If I had to give advice…

  1. Consistency –  You must be consistent.  You shouldn’t just like “hey guys I’m selling XXXX and then burn up people’s news feeds. In the MLM, whether people like or not, comment or not, you know your business.  No matter if your business is Maxxxxay, Sxxxentsy or whatever your passions…consistency will be key
  2. Keep up with your training in your field, as leaders you must renew your mind, and stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the field, and finally
  3. Customer Service is huge.  We get so wrapped up in the sale or monthly promotions that we are constantly looking for the next person and the next person.  But, are you loving on the people who first believed in you.


I believe they are the most important.  

Consistency, regardless of brick mortar, e-commerce, author, consistency says I love my business, I understand and believe in my business. If you believe in your business, then you will stay the course.

Leaders must continue to educate themselves, even if you are an Instructor, your students read the same book, but what fresh ideas do you bring to the field.

Customer service… everyone needs a little more love.  You can be in the customer service workforce for years, however, as an entrepreneur that takes on another form.  It is equally important for businesses to know what their customers want.  If in question, send in a mystery shopper.

They collect data that will let business owners know whether employees are performing.” Are my employees as knowledgeable as they should be?  The three tops are at the top of my lists.

What if any failures have you experience and what lessons have you learned from them?

I learned my top three through failure.  With the fast and slow track… I wanted to fast track with 60 days to perform.  I was in my 60-day period three times.  It took me 6-months vs 3-months.   My biggest failure was not taking care of my team.  I learned from that failure.

How are you doing now?  We are glad to have you in our group, I remember you saying… “I am afraid of the live stream.” What advantages have you had as a participant in our group?

When it comes to live-stream and I know that it will be shared, I wasn’t feeling it.  Being in the group has helped me to let go of the fear.  You have helped me let go of the fear.  Now, I see Dr. Eve, I gotta do it.

You are the trainer and absolutely must be out there and moving.  

I was amazed to see you in the shopping experience.

That is another thing about staying at home, you explore your gifts and couponing is one of my favorite.

What all motivates you to do this?

I will show you better than I can tell you.  They are my lifeline and the reason why I get up and do what I do every day.  When you have girls you must model for them what you expect.  I have one about to turn 10.

“Happy Birthday”, says Dr. Eve

How do you generate new ideas for your MLM?

I get ideas from my team.  We have awesome research, tools, marketing, etc. and I am always finding other people and opening myself up to new things.  I like exposing myself to others… “get out there”

Does juice plus have an affiliate program?

What’s that?

It’s basically selling other people’s products.

That is another avenue that you should explore.  There are individuals who may not buy-in to the product or they may not have the skills or personality.  Personality is important in the industry.  But if there is an affiliate program, that would let others at least share what you are doing, that is a great option.  Do not leave the money on the table.

Silky Scents® 100% Pure Essential Oils

I have been thinking of mix fit instruction.  I would teach a couple of classes.

I will be putting Zumba routines in the group.

She loves dancing too.

How do you define success?

Success is something that you work towards, hard for, and be consistent with.  It is not a badge–you just keep doing it.

If you could talk with one person in history, who would it be and why?

Lord knows you know JESUS would be my number one answer.  HE is truly my number one, the lover of my soul, the author of my faith, the creator of my soul.

Do you have a favorite book?

48 Laws of Attraction, It is an excellent book.  It is all about business.   Go Pro is another great marketing book that has helped me with verbiage.  I have been struggling with my own words and reading more is helping me to create a better copy.

I learned recently in a conference with Women Win 2gether.  There was a sales trainer who presented and mentioned how sales do not have to be a taboo, instead, it is like dating whereby you nurture the relationship.  Eventually, the consumer will ask the important questions that open dialogues

To my MLM moms, do not get discouraged, you will receive more nos than yes, do not get discouraged.  The support you thought would be there, will not be there and that is o.k.–just be consistent.

On another note, even if one decides they do not wish to purchase, they are simply not your customer.

You will still be my friend

You must target those who need you in the influential market where people need what you have.  The numbers say the lack of fruits and veggies are a problem through statistics of chronic illness, and there is this population of people who absolutely need the product.

For those of you who need to strategically align yourself to be found by your influential market, you may benefit from “Clients Everywhere: Will Your Name Come To Mind”  by yours truly.

Tell people where they can find you…

You can find me on Facebook @neryrodriguez or like and follow my business page @diaryofahealthymomma where I share my journey with JuicePlus, children, and mom hacks.

Do you have a book yet?

I do not.

Will we begin working on that book?

Thank you for your spontaneity to share with my audience at IamtheEvidenceTV and Audacity and we look forward to hearing all the great things you are doing with JuicePlus and your beautiful family. Continue to share the love of staying fit, eat healthily, and get all the appropriate nutrients we need to stay healthy.

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