What data does your phone collect about you?

New York times has reported that there is mobile app software that is now being used to collect TV data for advertisers.

I was reading the other day, one of my Facebook friends posted that he bought a Bud light and before he could get out of the store, a Bud light advertisement popped up on his phone.  Is it possible that someone is watching you?  This social response to our behavior is causing a hysteria for some.

How are these mobile apps able to scope out what you practice?

Consider how you use your smartphone.  Think about it… It is common place for people to give permission to use location, photos, microphones and other smartphone functionality.  All things work together for the good of knowing what it is that you are doing….LOL!

Check out “Alphonso” , a software used by developers to collect data for advertisers.  This software utilizes audio signals in television (TV) ads and shows and match it with the places you visit and the movies you watch.  Data collected is used to target users.

If this app is left running in the background it will also pick up your sound because the apps will use your mircophone.  CLOSE out of apps when you are not using them.  You opt in and you must opt out.

If you have children, I caution you to be concerned and filter the access of applications to your child’s service.  Children should be protected from adult ads and the rising craze of pornographic materials that seems to get around filters.

The more smart mobility shifts, the more information will be captured in living rooms and bedrooms, not to mention the arial views on the streets.

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~Dr. Eve


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